The nitty gritty details

If you have no idea what "Barkley style" means, fear not. We will be happy to acclimate you. In short, the race is 1, 2 or 3 x 6-ish mile loops (You can decide during the race how far you want to go) on trails within the park. Detailed information about race day, rules & logistics, and what to expect can be found here.

The Course

Runners will set out on a 6-ish mile loop through the park that will traverse a wide variety of terrain, from single track through thick woods, to vast prairies with panoramic views of the endless rolling hills. Finishing the first loop, also known as the "Fun Run", runners will have the choice to continue out onto the second loop to complete "The Double". The second loop is a completely different 6 mile loop on a different section of trail. If you complete the second loop, and want to challenge for complete supremacy by taking on the third loop, also known as the "Full Glacier", be ready for the unexpected. The first person to complete the second loop and wishes to continue, will be given instructions to complete the third and final loop. We've been known to throw a curve ball or two for loop 3, so be prepared. Standings and records will be kept for the Fun Run (~6 Miles), the Double (~12 Miles) and the Full Glacier (~18 Miles).

The Rules

Each runner will be given a map of the park with the trails and/or checkpoints marked out for you to navigate the course. At each checkpoint, runners will need to grab one book page matching the number of their race bib. Once runners have secured all of their book pages at each of the checkpoints and made their way through the loop, they must present them to the race officials at the start\finish area before continuing out onto a second or third loop. Do not expect to be able to tune out and follow the signs. This is not a marked course and you will be required to have some basic ability to read a map and figure it out, though it should be pretty self explanatory.

The Finer Details

Leaf Mountain Foot Race is limited to 100 runners. In order to secure a position, registration must be completed online. The registration fee is $55 and if you have a vehicle in the park, you will also be required to have a park pass which may be obtained at any State Park office as an Annual pass ($35) or Daily pass ($7).

Upon arriving to the Leaf Mountain Foot race, entrants will be asked to bring a photo of themselves at their favorite State Park Entrance, which will be archived into the The Leaf Mountain Foot Race album. This is a nod to the Barkley, but we don't want your white socks or t-shirts like Laz does. Note, you can take a pic of yourself at the Glacial Lakes State Park entrance sign and send it digitally if you don't have a printed copy.

You will be given a course map at the time of check in, which can be compared to the master course map to locate the check points that will be required to validate you complete each loop.