Vast prairies. Relentless climbs. 360 degree panoramic vistas. 

Run the many glacial landforms of Glacial Lakes State Park... Barkley Style.


Inspired by our love for the State Parks and our obsession with The Barkley Marathons, so was born the Leaf Mountain Foot Race.

The Race

6.5 mile loops done in true Barkley style, will create the most unique and unforgettable trail racing experience you'll find anywhere North of Tennessee.

The Park

Glacial Lakes State Park is part of the Leaf Mountain range and is located approximately 5 miles south of Starbuck, MN, a popular resort town and vacation destination.

Get Registered

The Leaf Mountain Foot Race will be back the weekend of September 26, 2020.

Parks & Trails Council of Minnesota is a co-sponsor of this event

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